Delivering absolute, idiosyncratic returns in crypto markets
At Annamite Capital, we are paving the way in sophisticated crypto investment management, integrating speciliased infrastructure with traditional investment management capabilities.

We are at the cutting edge of the crypto investment management industry by relentlessly pursuing alpha, optimizing the implementation of investment strategies and integrating advanced quantitative analytics into the core of our culture and investment processes.

The pursuit of excellence through
discipline and innovation

Annamite Capital is a global alternative investment firm focused on the digital asset industry. We unabatingly strive to deliver industry leading risk adjusted performance.

We identify top performing investment teams that produce asymmetric outcomes by implementing sophisticated trading strategies that we integrate into our proprietary risk-controlled infrastructure that has been purpose-built for a crypto multi-manager platform.

We work with only the most talented investment teams in the industry and support them to build long standing partnerships for our clients and investment partners.


Where multi-manager best
practice intersects with
deep blockchain expertise

We combine vast experience and best practices from leading multi-manager business acumen with deep expertise in blockchain engineering, infrastructure, security and operations.

The result is an investment decision making system that is driven by confidence, analytical rigor, feedback loops and an unwavering thirst for continuous improvement. We challenge ourselves to constantly evolve and refine our processes to deliver industry leading outcomes for our investment partners.



Investment Assets

Investing USD, Ether and Bitcoin across a carefully selected group of internal and external investment teams.


Investment Teams

Top pedigree investment teams managing strategies ranging from statistical arbitrage, high frequency trading, market making, MEV, CEX/DEX arb and other CeFi and DeFi strategies.



of Investment Teams with tenured Investment Experience

>85% of the talent at the investment team level with
>15 years of traditional + crypto investment management experience.


Geographic Regions

Investment teams based in the UK, EU and APAC regions and a global team of business partners and counterparties.



Monthly Trading Volume

Asset turnover in excess of $500m of total monthly traded volume across CEX and DEX venues.

Purpose-built for:

Crypto Trading & Risk Management
Architected and built over several years by a team of accomplished blockchain engineers, Annamite Capital’s infrastructure is at the core of the firm’s competitive edge: combining top pedigree investment talent with cutting edge technology.

Integrating and deploying external and internal CeFi and DeFi strategies within a proprietary centralized framework with emphasis on custody, security, trade execution, low latency, operational efficiency, analytics, portfolio management and risk mitigation, Annamite’s purpose-built operating system acts as the central nervous system for the firm; receiving, processing and responding to various data inputs to efficiently and effectively organize and manage the firm’s core processes across all aspects of the firm’s decision making and business operations.


Founded on the core values of integrity, meritocracy, collaboration, continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence, Annamite Capital’s principles resonate throughout the organization. We foster an environment that builds from these ethos while focusing on other critical components; talent, innovation, technology and risk management. Every single person in the organization is empowered to hone these elements to build an organization that relentlessly propels itself to new heights and accomplishments.